Geography inspires children to raise and answer questions about the natural and human world and their involvement in this.

Our sequential Geography curriculum helps them gradually build the knowledge, skills and understanding to do that and to reflect, at every stage, on how they’re making progress and where they are heading. Along the way, they encounter different societies and cultures, and understand more about the nature of the environment and human habitats. 

They also learn about their responsibilities to protect our fragile local and global environments. Our aim is that by the time they leave us, they are well prepared to openly discuss and debate how we are all interconnected and interdependent with people and ecosystems throughout the world.

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Quality lessons, engaging content, class collaboration, easy assessments

Digitised Lessons - end to end curriculum delivery support 

To access the thousands of digitised lessons we use a system called Miro.  Miro is a content-sharing platform that lets teachers make, edit, share and distribute lessons to pupils!


Curriculum maps bring the learning journey to life

What am I learning? How does it relate to what I learnt last year and to what I'm going to learn next year? Our learning pathways graphically set out the whole subject curriculum and bring the learning journey to life for every learner, in each year.


Assessment sheets for every lesson

For every lesson in every subject, the Lion Pathways Curriculum provides end-of-topic or end-of-module assessment sheets; we use these to capture both pupil and teacher feedback for that piece of work. By actively tracking each learner’s views in a consistent and systematic way, it ensures their voice is heard and recorded, a core part of every element of the teaching and learning cycle.