Meet the Trust team


“The genuine commitment to ensure every child reaches their potential regardless of their background coupled with the high expectations we have of ourselves, each other and for our pupils is what sets our schools and the Trust apart from others.”  

- Emily Hair

  • B.A (Hons) Primary Education - York St John College (2008) 
  • Teacher from 2008-2012
  • Deputy Headteacher / SENCO - 2012-2019
  • Head of School - 2018-2020
  • Executive Head (Olympic Primary and Warwick Academy) - 2020 -  

I have worked my entire career in primary schools - starting as a year 5 teacher and then developing further to become a SENCO, assistant headteacher and
now an executive headteacher across two schools. The Trust’s model for school improvement and track record for turning schools around and building outstanding, successful and positive school communities is fundamental
to what I believe primary schools should focus on - and that shared belief makes working in our schools so much easier. 

The challenge of transforming schools to have the biggest and most positive impact on the lives of every pupil are more readily addressed when there is consistency in key areas - our expectations around standards and behaviour;
how critical systems like finance and HR are administered but most of all,
how we expect to work as professionals in the classrooms and in the
communities we serve.

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What does leading two primary schools mean to you?

I am incredibly proud to play a key part in the development journey of
our school communities. Influencing the improvement of the educational
offer to our children is very rewarding - raising aspirations of the local next generation is incredibly rewarding.


What is the one thing about your two Primary Schools you wish more people could see or experience?

Our children’s positive learning behaviours that enable them to engage in our exciting curriculum in a range of subjects
Our learning environment through the school that is calm, purposeful and enables our children to achieve their very best.


What are you the most proud of achieving in your tenure as Executive Head of School at Olympic and Warwick?

We have rapidly made vast improvements to the local education offer for our children and seeing the impact this has on improving our children’s self esteem and raising their aspirations for the future is something I am incredibly proud of and looking forward to continuing.


“To improve the life chances and outcomes for our children it is imperative that we work together positively with our parents. Building our relationships across our school community is at the heart of what we do to enable our children to be successful.”

Emily Hair